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Warranty Procedures

All Geysers produced from January 2004, and which can be identified as such, carry a ten year guarantee, provided the geyser is installed in accordance with S.A.N.S 10254 in it's entirety and is used for domestic purposes only. All electrical components and TP valves are guaranteed for one year. Only the geyser and it's components are guaranteed, but other parts that may be required in the installation of this unit are not covered by this guarantee.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully. By installing the geyser you acknowledge and agree that you are satisfied with the terms and conditions, and that you understand the same, and undertake to adhere strictly to the instructions regarding installation as well as all other terms and conditions contained herein. The compulsory specification concludes that only a registered plumber may install a geyser.

This guarantee applies only to geysers installed within the borders of the Republic of South Africa. Any attempt to repair, maintain, dismantle, remove or tamper with the geyser, or any part thereof, (save in accordance with the instructions contained herein and the terms and conditions applicable) will immediately invalidate your guarantee.

Click here to download the warranty booklet.
Please contact us for more information on warranty procedures.

Solartherm - Warranty