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Since 1997, W.E. Geysers has been in the water heating industry focusing mainly on domestic electric water heaters. Our mission statement was clear and simple from the onset, and that was to produce products of the highest quality that are technically advanced compared to competitors. Considering South Africa's harsh and diverse water conditions, we felt that something more advanced had to be employed for preventing corrosion, furthermore the old technologies also required maintenance in that the sacrificial anodes needed regular replacing.

All Geysers produced from January 2004, and which can be identified as such, carry a ten year guarantee, provided the geyser is installed in accordance with S.A.N.S 10254 in it's entirety and is used for domestic purposes only. All electrical components and TP valves are guaranteed for one year. Only the geyser and it's components are guaranteed, but other parts that may be required in the installation of this unit are not covered by this guarantee.
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